Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are a focal point and typically the most well-used room in the house. People who enjoy cooking want lots of working space and easy access to appliances, food and cooking utensils. Even those who prefer quick-preparation meals spend a lot of time in the kitchen with family and friends. Remodeling an outdated kitchen is one of the best home improvement projects for adding resale value to a home. You will also experience greater enjoyment living in the house with an updated kitchen and new energy-efficient appliances.

Midrange kitchen remodel
When you live in a house for 30 to 40+ years you push your kitchen to the limit – appliances wear out, the cabinet finish looks old and outdated, and you’d like more usable space. A standard kitchen remodel involves gutting the existing space and installing new energy-efficient appliances, raised-panel wood cabinets, countertops (e.g. replace laminate with solid-surface or granite), and a new sink and faucet. Some lights may be replaced and outlets moved, but the main goal of the job is to upgrade and modernize.

Approximate timeframes

Architectural/Interior Design: 1-4weeks

Design phase: 1-3 months

Construction: 2-4 months

*Midrange Cost of kitchen remodels

Job Cost Range

$21,185 – $45,000

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Upscale kitchen remodel
Upscale kitchen remodels involve gutting the entire kitchen, adding a small addition and removing or changing walls to open up the space to another room. The kitchen is completely redesigned to better accommodate entertaining. Customers choose high-end finishes such as granite countertops, tile or hardwood floors, custom cabinets with self-closing doors and internal low-voltage lights, under-cabinet plug-ins, big center islands, glass hutches, and ceiling can lights or other upgraded lighting.

*Upscale Cost of kitchen remodels

Job Cost Range

$45,000 -$110,386